In this article, we unveil the airlines that offer the best legroom in Economy class by aircraft types. Let’s dive into the data and discover the airlines that offer the best legroom in widebody aircraft.

Best Airbus A380 Economy Class Seats

The Airbus A380, known for its spacious interiors, showcases a range of legroom options. Emirates and ANA stand tall, offering 32-34 inches of legroom, providing a spacious haven above the clouds.

a row of seats in an airplane
ANA A380 Economy Class. Image: ANA

Noteworthy is Asiana Airlines with an impressive 18.9 inches of width, ensuring a comfortable journey on the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

Airbus A380 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)
Asiana Airlines33″18.9″
Korean Air32-33″18″
Singapore Airlines32″18.5″
Qatar Airways31-32″18″-18.5″
Etihad Airways31″18″
British Airways31″17.5″

Best Boeing 747 Economy Class Seats

Asiana Airlines and Korean Air reign supreme on the iconic 747, offering 33-34 inches of legroom, elevating your experience on the Queen of the Skies.

a plane with many seats
Asiana Boeing 747-400 Economy Class. Image: Asiana Airlines

Exploring seat width on the Boeing 747, Air China and Rossiya stand out by offering the widest seats at 17.8-21 inches. The broader trend across the 747 series showcases a standard seat width of around 17-18 inches.

Boeing 747 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft Type
Asiana Airlines33-34″17.2″747-400
Korean Air33-34″17.2″747-8
Air China31-33″18-18.3″747-400/747-8
Atlas Air31-33″17.5″747-400

Best Airbus A350 Economy Class Seats

Japan Airlines takes the lead with 33-34 inches of legroom in its fresh A350-1000, promising a comfortable ride through the skies.

a row of seats in an airplane
Japan Airlines A350-1000 Economy Class. Image: JAL

Alongside, ITA Airways offer up to 34 inches of legroom on their A350-900s, showcasing the aircraft’s commitment to a superior in-flight experience.

Shifting our focus to seat width on the Airbus A350, we find that most airlines maintain a consistent offering of 18 inches.

Airbus A350 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft Type
Japan Airlines33-34″18″A350-1000
Asiana Airlines32-33″18″A350-900
ITA Airways31-34″18″A350-900
Air Mauritius31-33″18″A350-900
Fiji Airways31-33″18″A350-900
Cathay Pacific32″18″A350-900/1000

Best Boeing 777 Economy Class Seats

Among Boeing 777 operators, Air India and Thai Airways stands out, providing a generous 34 inches of legroom. Moreover, airlines offer standard seat widths of around 17-18 inches on their triple sevens.

Recent trend shows that airlines are adding newer but tighter and narrower seats in Economy Class seating. Such is the case on the Boeing 777, as airlines like British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Qatar Airways have already transitioned from 9 abreast to 10 abreast seating (3-3-3 to 3-4-3 configuration) in Economy Class.

So, we have also included the seating configuration of different airlines, hoping it would be easier for you to identify which airlines still offer wider 9 abreast seating on their Boeing 777.

Boeing 777 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft TypeConfiguration
Air India34″18″Select 777-200LR3-3-3
Thai Airways34″18″Select 777-200/ER3-3-3
Asiana Airlines33-34″18-18.6″777-200/ER3-3-3
Korean Air33-34″18.1″777-200/300/ER3-3-3
Omni Air33-34″17.3″777-200/ER3-4-3
Japan Airlines33.8″19″777-300/ER3-3-3
Air India33″18″Select 777-300/ER3-3-3
Air Peace33″17″777-200/ER3-4-3
flyGlobal Charter33″17″777-3003-4-3
Korean Air33″18.1″777-3003-3-3
Asiana Airlines32-33″18″777-200/ER3-3-3
EVA Air32-33″18″777-300/ER3-3-3 (Select B777)
Red Wings Airlines32-33″17″777-200/ER3-4-3
ANA31-33″18″777-300/ER2-4-3 (Select B777)

Best Boeing 787 Economy Class Seats

Air Premia leads the Dreamliner pack with an outstanding 35 inches of legroom on select Boeing 787-9.

Note that only three of the new B787-9s offer 35 inches of legroom. However, two older ones which were initially supposed to be delivered for Norwegian has 30-32 inches of legroom.

a row of blue seats in an airplane
Air Premia Boeing 787-9 Economy Class. Image: Air Premia

Shaping our analysis around the width of seats on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the majority of the carriers offer a standard width of around 17-18 inches, with some even offering wider seats.

Japan Airlines offers the widest Economy Class seats on the Boeing 787, as it offers a 2-4-2 configuration, contrary to the 3-3-3 configuration offered by others.

Boeing 787 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft Type
Air Premia35″17″787-9 (selected)
Korean Air33-34″17″787-9
Uzbekistan Airways33-34″17″787-8
Air India33″17″787-8
Japan Airlines33″18.9″787-8/9
Royal Brunei Airlines33″17″787-8
TUI Airways33″17″787-8
China Southern32-33″17″Select 787-9
LOT Polish32-33″17″787-9
Air Austral32.6″17″787-8

Best Airbus A330 Economy Class Seats

Oman Air on the A330-200/300 emerges as the legroom champion with an impressive 34 inches.

rows of seats in an airplane
Oman Air A330 Economy Class. Image: Oman Air

Delving into the width of seats on the Airbus A330 across the majority of the carriers, the standard width of 18 inches is maintained.

Airbus A330 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft Type
Oman Air34″18″A330-200/300
Garuda Indonesia33-34″16.5-18″A330-300
Brussels Airlines33″17.5″A330-300
EVA Air33″18″A330-200
Kuwait Airways33″17.5″A330-800neo
National Airlines33″18″A330-200
Aer Lingus32-33″18″Select A330-300
Asiana Airlines32-33″17.7″A330-300
Beijing Capital32-33″18″A330-200
China Eastern32-33″17.8″Select A330-200
China Southern32-33″17-18.1″A330-200/300
Hainan Airlines32-33″18″A330-200
Hong Kong Airlines32-33″17.3″Select A330-300
Korean Air32-33″18.1″A330-200/300
Kuwait Airways32-33″17.5A330-200
Qatar Airways32-33″18″A330-300

Best Boeing 767 Economy Class Seats

Japan Airlines emerges as the legroom champion on the 767-300/ER, offering a spacious 34 inches, ensuring a smooth and comfortable flight.

a row of black seats
Japan Airlines Boeing 767 Economy Class. Image: JAL

Across the spectrum, from LATAM Airlines to ANA, the Boeing 767 series ensures a harmonious balance of legroom, catering to both short-haul and long-haul travel needs.

Focusing on seat width in the Boeing 767, Japan Airlines takes the lead again, offering a width of 17.3-20 inches on its Boeing 767-300/ER.

Boeing 767 Economy Class Seats
AirlinesLegroom (inches)Width (inches)Aircraft Type
Japan Airlines34″17.3-20″767-300/ER
BoA – Boliviana de Aviación32″18″767-300
LATAM Airlines32″18″767-300/ER
LATAM Brasil32″18″767-300/ER
MIAT Mongolian Airlines32″18″767-300/ER
ANA31-33″18″Select 767-300/ER
Ethiopian Airlines31-33″17-18″767-300/ER
LATAM Peru31-33″17-19″767-300/ER

We hope this will help you in navigating through the skies to find the airlines that offer the best legroom in Economy Class, making your journey not just a destination but an experience.

Source: SeatMaps, Airlines Website